About Food Blog Search

Food blogs are a wonderful source of recipes, stories, and opinions about food. These blogs are the labors of love of countless people from around the world who are so passionate about what they cook and eat they spend hours photographing and writing about it. Food bloggers usually give much more information and personal touches to what they write about than commercial cooking or recipe sites. Search for a recipe among food blogs and you'll often be delighted by the hidden jewels you uncover.

Food Blog Search is a custom built search engine specifically for searching recipes in food blogs. Food Blog Search enables food bloggers, publishers, and recipe seekers to find high quality recipes from food blogs. For example, the food content editors at BlogHer, BonAppetit.com, Serious Eats, and other sites regularly highlight recipes from food bloggers. Food Blog Search is a tool that they might use to more easily find interesting recipes published by food bloggers. Many food bloggers use the search tool to add links on their owns posts to relevant content from other food blogs.

Food Blog Search uses Google technology, through the Google Custom Search Engine program. Started in October 2006, Food Blog Search now searches over a thousand hand-selected, high quality food blogs. More and more food blogs are added to the list of sites searched every day.

The best way to use the search engine

In a word, be specific. "Apple tart" will give you many more useful results (if you are looking for apple tart recipes) than "apple recipes". The larger, more established blogs will tend to show up highest in the search results because that's just how Google's search function works. So be ready to page through the results to find results from newer blogs.

Add a Food Blog Search Widget to your website

Help your readers search fabulous food blogs by adding a search widget to your site:

Just click on these instructions for adding a Food Blog Search Widget to get the code.

How blogs are chosen for Food Blog Search

Food Blog Search is maintained by a handful of food bloggers, who use the search engine themselves, to find recipes and food bloggers to highlight on their own blogs. Since Food Blog Search is a Google custom search engine, there is a limit to how many blogs we can include in the index.

Food Blog Search is currently closed for submissions. We are constantly updating the search engine, adding new blogs that we like and removing those that are no longer active.

Who are we?

Food Blog Search is maintained by food bloggers Elise Bauer, Kalyn Denny, and Lydia Walshin. The lovely illustrations in the banners were created by Ximena Maier of Lobstersquad.